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Visual Studio Enterprise

An integrated, end-to-end solution for teams of any size with demanding quality and scale needs

Take advantage of comprehensive tools and services to design, build, and deploy complex enterprise applications

Our most advanced IDE comes bundled with supporting tools, services and benefits

Develop on macOS and Windows

Create amazing cross-device apps from Windows or Mac

Visual Studio Enterprise includes Visual Studio for Mac. The same experience you know and love from Visual Studio, meticulously crafted and optimized for Mac. Build modern web apps or 5-star mobile apps using enterprise-grade tools, faster and easier than ever before, on Windows or Mac.

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Developer productivity to the max

Shift-left and speed up code flow with real-time features

Delivering modern apps need modern development practices. Embrace modern development practices and deliver code with quality, accuracy, and speed. Spend more time coding and not debugging by infusing code quality right from the first line, directly in the IDE.

  • IntelliTest – Automatically generate intelligent test data and suite of unit tests for code
  • Live Unit Testing – Automatically execute impacted unit tests as code is being written with live visualization of results and code coverage
  • Live Dependency Validation – Ensure the code complies to the architectural dependency rules at real-time

Advanced Debugging and Diagnostics

Understand the root-cause of issues quickly

Fix bugs faster by quickly identifying root cause of issues with advanced debugging and diagnostic tools whether you are working on desktop, web, cloud, or mobile apps.

  • IntelliTrace – Historical debugging to help teams debug issues that are hard to reproduce
  • Snapshot Debugger – Simplify debugging of cloud apps
  • Code Map – Visually debug applications to understand dependencies for even the largest codebases
  • Xamarin Profiler – Optimize mobile app performance with rich profiling data
  • Xamarin Inspector – Debug and test mobile app design ideas in real-time


Credits and discounted rates for development and testing in Azure

What do you want to build next? A recommendation engine infused with Machine Learning? Modern, cloud-native apps using containers and micro services? Blockchain? With $150 Azure dev/test individual credits every month, experiment with different Azure services from Virtual Machines, Websites, and SQL Databases to Mobile Services and many more. Leverage Windows Virtual Desktop to quickly deploy and manage hundreds of VMs for development and testing purposes. Experiment and learn how Azure makes it easier to build and manage any apps faster, using the skills you already have and the technologies you already know.

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  • Stay up to date & in the know
  • Code more efficiently with built-in and downloaded features
  • Collaborate seamlessly without leaving the editor

Enterprise DevOps

Break the silos and deliver value continuously

Modernize your development process and manage the entire software development lifecycle with Azure DevOps. Get a complete DevOps toolchain, from agile planning, source code control to a fully automated CI/CD pipelines and test automation in a single solution to deploy any app on any platform.

Spend more time delivering value to your users instead of maintaining your tool-set.

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Deliver high quality software

All of your testing needs covered

Innovating at the speed of light requires testing to happen as early and often as possible. Visual Studio Enterprise includes automated and manual testing tools that simplify testing and help teams ensure continuous quality.

    • Test Planning – organize all your testing activities for better efficiency and maximum impact
    • Manual Testing and Exploratory Testing – simplify testing and gather feedback from manual testers, stakeholders, UAT users, etc.

    Extend your toolchain

    Customize the way you want it

    Every team’s needs are unique. Visual Studio Enterprise enables you to easily tailor your tool chain with included Microsoft extensions for Azure DevOps. You can also further extend your toolchain with exclusive promotions and offers from our partners.

    • WhiteSource Bolt– Manage the usage of open source libraries in your projects
    • Parasoft – Automate API Testing with SOATest and rapidly simulate and manage test environments with Virtualize from Parasoft
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    Continuous Learning

    Stay on top of the latest technologies

    In this new world of continuous innovation powered by software, developers are at the core of innovation. Get access to world-class technical training and learning benefits to stay on top of the latest trends and technologies. Learn the skills you need to master any challenge.

    • Pluralsight training– Access to more than 5000 expert authored online courses for 6 months
    • DataCamp – Master R, Python, Machine Learning and more from the comfort of your browser
    • LinkedIn Learning – Unlock the power of LinkedIn with access to the people, insights, and skills you need to advance your career
    • CODE Magazine – Leading independent software development magazine covering dev technologies across all platforms

    GitHub Enterprise

    Loved by developers. Trusted by enterprises.

    Deliver better software, faster. GitHub Enterprise brings the power of open source code, code-to-cloud automation, end-to-end automated security, and more so you can accelerate innovation and ship with confidence—all from the world’s go-to developer platform.

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    Available in Enterprise Agreements for Visual Studio Professional and Enterprise subscriptions. Call your account manager or contact your regional Microsoft office to upgrade to Visual Studio subscriptions with GitHub Enterprise.


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